Hello, my name is Milena Eickhoff.

I am originally from Berlin, Germany, but I have been living in the Netherlands since 2018.

I am an ambitious, creative and team-minded former lecturer in Media & Communication studies who thrives to work in international, forward-thinking environments. With my strong analytical, creative and communicative capabilities I am currently looking for opportunities as a web designer, front-end web developer, WordPress web developer, UX designer or UI designer in the Randstad Area. Further on in my career, I imagine myself as a team leader, manager or owner of my own web design company. I would like to find a job that helps me prepare to fulfil my dream.

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As a lecturer in Media & Communication Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam I taught courses such as Statistics, Academic Skills, Media Systems in Comparative Perspectives and Cross-National Comparative Research. I enjoyed working with students, helping them develop their interests and skills as an important foundation for their careers. But even though I enjoyed the teaching experience I knew that academia was not the right career path for me. I was always looking for a job to combine my strong analytical and creative capabilities. With web design and development I have finally found it.

I believe we deserve to develop and live our passions. My passions are writing and web development. What are yours?
If you work with me you will always have a motivated, creative and attentive partner by your side with an attention to detail.
If you are a business looking for a Front-End Developer, WordPress Developer or Web Designer or if you are a freelancer/business owner in need of a WordPress website. Send me a message! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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I make every pixel of your online presence count

Up to date: Always searching for the latest online trends & templates
Open and Honest: Let's work together to find the best solutions
Guided by Curiosity: Always curious to learn more and develop myself
Quality Management: Creating the best quality for you and adapting my ideas to your needs